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Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up

  It’s been a really fun run of performances the last couple of weeks.  Polyrhythmics had a memorable mountain show at the top of Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, Hardcoretet played the Comet Tavern for the first time with two great bands in Industrial Revelation and Skerik and really got to rock out, and […]

New Listening

WARNING:  EXPLICIT LANGUAGE I love that movie. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed a real boost in new stuff to listen to. When I heard that Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne was going away, I headed over to Sonic Boom in Ballard.  I hope to make it a monthly trip.  I […]

Happy New Year!

It may be a bit early for this, but I don’t care. So…I had planned a New Year’s-themed post, with resolutions and everything, and then realized I would basically be typing the same thing I typed last year. Sigh… I was not exactly stellar in following through on my resolutions.  When I look back on […]


Hi all! Happy holiday season to everyone; so far the Winter has me settling in to a new living space in the Magnolia area of Seattle and getting my playing and teaching schedule together, hopefully in some kind of sustainable manner. Bands have been progressing forward in really notable ways: tours, new venues, and plans […]

Festival Mode

The hot weather took its time, but it is finally here, and my schedule has been pretty effective as far as getting me out there to enjoy it! Festival performances with the Polyrhythmics and Theoretics have been really fun, especially because I hadn’t really gone to many music festivals before, either as an audience member […]

Brooklyn Buddies

I ran across an interview with Nature Conservancy scientist Joe Kiesecker where he talked a bit about keeping in touch with his childhood friends from Brooklyn, some of which “are in prison, and a few are no longer with us.” When asked why they’ve stayed friends even in those cases where their lives went in […]


  Taking a moment to send a general thanks out to the amazing community of musicians and music-lovers I’ve met recently. Whether it’s a small town or a big one, huge stage or tiny room, the support that I’ve gotten from those who are listening is essential to me; I could not perform music otherwise. […]


Two tracks I can’t get enough of right now: Claudia Quintet – Keramag, from Royal Toast I love the melody that first shows up at 1 minute 1 second that the vibes and piano play together. It gets moved around and displaced throughout the entire song. Christian Scott – American’t, from Yesterday You Said Tomorrow […]

3 Months In

So here I am, almost 3 months into working exclusively as a musician and teacher. It feels as though my workdays have become compressed; lessons can’t start until kids get out of school, and gigs and rehearsals are almost always at night, plus most gigs are squeezed onto the Fridays and Saturdays of the week.  […]

New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolutions. They’re fairly general, and although I make them and quickly break them every year, this time around feels different; I think they will stick, at least for a little longer than normal! 1. Take it easy – sleep more, drink less. 2. Practice – every day, if possible. 3. Get out […]