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Another Great Group

The Brendan O’Donnell Organ Trio, with Brendan on guitar, Adam Kessler on drums, and Joe Doria on organ.  Holy smokes, these guys killed it at Egan’s Ballard Jam House Friday night, for all the reasons I always talk about.  The tunes were tight, improvisation top notch, and communication within the trio was out of this […]

Dave Mathews Band/Bumbershoot

What an amazing Labor Day weekend… For about 10 years now, I’ve had an annual trip to a campsite on the Columbia River across from Vantage, WA on Labor Day weekend to see the Dave Mathews Band at the Gorge. Over time, this trip has morphed into as much a reunion with old friends as […]

The Art of the Sideman

This is a post I recently put up as a guest blogger on trumpeter Jason Parker’s website This past month, I found myself picking up a string of gigs in which I considered myself a sideman. These were shows and performances in which I enjoyed the music, worked hard to play at a high […]


This past weekend Hardcoretet had a great rehearsal after a small break after recording, and began talking about putting a tour together.  Just the idea of touring stirs up all sorts of anxiety:  Where can we play this music?  How much will it cost?  Will anybody show up? This is interesting because I’ve been reading […]