Happy New Year!

By , December 20, 2012 4:50 pm


It may be a bit early for this, but I don’t care.

So…I had planned a New Year’s-themed post, with resolutions and everything, and then realized I would basically be typing the same thing I typed last year.


I was not exactly stellar in following through on my resolutions.  When I look back on 2012, though, I don’t regret all that much of what I did, even if some of it was contrary to those resolutions.  For the most part, I moved forward, took care of business as best I could, and took some chances too.  I will say this:  I wish I had more pictures.  For all the jerking around Facebook can sometimes do with us, and although it can have some pretty negative effects on my social interaction, I was happy to have a timeline to look back on this year.

There have been a fair amount of changes; nothing huge, just a lot of social and personal things.  I made new friends, adjusted to changes with old ones, played and heard a lot of inspiring music, taught and learned from fun students, and kept a roof over my head.  I don’t want to ask for much more than that.





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