Another Mother Pt. 1, 2 , Soul’s Path Ensemble – Saxophone

Broasted Or Fried b/w Stop Tryin’ , The L.B.’s b/w Soul’s Path Ensemble – Saxophone

Fondue Party, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute

Suspended Animation, Theoretics – Saxophone, Flute, Synthesizer, composer

Man From the Future, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute, composer

Caldera, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute, composer


Medusozoa Earth, Theoretics – Saxophone, Ipad synthesizers

Octagon, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute


Fugue State, Theoretics – Saxophone, Ipad synthesizers


Do It Live, Hardcoretet – Saxophone, composer

Plenty of Anything, Theoretics – Saxophone


Libra Stripes, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute


Experiments in Vibe, Hardcoretet – Saxophone, composer


Theoretics, Theoretics – Saxophone, Flute

Labrador, Polyrhythmics – Saxophone, Flute

Sub Valve Release, Vunt Foom – Saxophone, Flute

Pocket Change, Pocket Change – Saxophone, composer

4, Pocket Change – Saxophone, composer

Grimy (track 6:  Son), Gravity – Saxophone

Who Wins (track 4:  Respect the People), Shawna Locey – Saxophone