Transcription Clip – Joe Henderson, “Song For my Father”

When I was 15 my family went to Berkeley CA to visit my brother at college, and the Tower Records store there had a CD called “The Best Blue Note Album Ever”, a double-disc compilation.

I was getting into jazz/BAM at the time but I don’t think I knew what Blue Note was. I bought the CDs. Track 2 was Blue Train (I would mostly just listen to the first 15 seconds of Coltrane’s solo) and Track 1 was this song: Song For my Father, with the great Joe Henderson on saxophone. Kenny Garrett said that 2 musicians who always sounded to him like they were playing the blues no matter what the musical situation was were Bobby Hutcherson and Joe Henderson. I think about that, especially when I listen to this solo. So funky.


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    Hi Leonardo! I’m sorry, I don’t have the sheet music, and I recommend that students transcribe by ear whenever possible. It is a longer process, and can be frustrating, but it is more beneficial in the long run, and there are several ways/applications to slow down the audio so that it is easier to follow. If I am working with a student on a transcription, I may eventually work with them on getting sheet music, but I almost always do ear training first.

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