New Blog & the Importance of Friends

By , December 20, 2010 5:28 pm

I’ve started contributing to a new blog that was started by a close friend of mine called Rust and Rum.  Although some of it is still under construction, there are already a bunch of posts from our circle of friends and us, focusing on nothing in particular.

Word of warning, though:  some posts may be R rated…but they won’t be in (completely) poor taste, I promise!

The idea behind the blog was fairly simple.  We are all fairly intelligent people (we like to believe we are, anyway) and we have a wide range of interests and passions between us, and we all enjoy talking about what we are into or getting into at any given point in time.  Why not have a forum where we can share those things with other people instead of just ourselves? 

It won’t be specialized or have any particular focus, just the perspectives of a handful of Seattleites that like to talk about “stuff”. 

Could pretty much anybody do this?  Yes.  Is it possible that some of the rants/musings that are posted will be completely meaningless?  Yes, but a gathering of friends in conversation isn’t any different, and once in a while, out of all the ramblings, drunken and otherwise, you learn something that really excites you, and you never would have discovered it if not for that gathering of math students, divers, bicyclists, skiers/snowboarders, musicians, teachers, etc. that you call friends.

I’ve discovered over the past couple of months that as important as it is to build community among musicians and network with other players, the people that provide me with the most support and are the most important for how I play music are friends and family, many of whom are not musicians.  It means so much to have people that are there for me when I play, people who listen when I’m up there basically saying “this is what I’m about and part of who I am”, and who have an open mind coming out to see their friend perform music that isn’t exactly the most accessible stuff in the world.

And they have FUN!  If they don’t enjoy coming out to shows, they are really good at hiding it, and it always puts a smile on my face to see them there.  So, parents/girlfriend/old buddies/new friends/friends of friends/siblings/acquaintances, once again thanks for everything.

And be sure to check out the blog!


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