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Chicag-blog 2011

By , September 15, 2011 12:38 pm


Highlights from my recent trip to visit my sister in Chicago:

Wiener Circle

Man these people are mean!  If you make it through your order and get a chance to stay and watch the massive hating and trash-talking they give their customers, though, it’s hilarious.  Late night it’s a madhouse.



Chicago-style hot dogs

I’m okay with the whole no ketchup thing, and I’m definitely on board with the tomatoes and onions thing.  The celery salt and dill relish thing took me by surprise at first, but I was digging it by the end.

Lake Michigan

It’s huge!  In Seattle we’re used to seeing the peninsula and other land masses when we look out across the Sound, but when you look across Lake Michigan it’s like being on the coast; it stretches all the way to the horizon.  The city is right on the water too, so you have a very cool juxtaposition of sandy beach next to the city.


Apparently this is like the Denny’s of Chicago to locals, but my sister likes it, and I do too.  Hawaiian omelette for the win.

Chicago Jazz Festival

FREE!  Plus, beer was sold inside Millenium Park where it was held and you could walk around no problem.  Gerald Clayton’s trio was super tight and I was hoping to catch some of Maurice Brown but ran out of time.

BYOB restaurants

A genius idea that I would LOVE to see in Seattle more often.

Wrigleyville/Wrigley Field

The street of bars and pubs runs right into the Field at the end of it, and there’s cubs gear EVERYWHERE.  Everyone has something related to the hometeam on, even moreso than at a Sounders game.  I liked that.  And the field:  obviously, it’s a classic ballpark, but it also is a great place to watch a game.  All the bigger concession stands are below the seats, so once you get upstairs, the seats extend almost all the way to the edge of the park.  It kind of made it feel more open.

Chicago-style pizza

Yes, Chicago-style is thicker, and they do layer toppings, but no one told me about the crust!  Buttery and flaky deliciousness in a deep dish pan.

Kingston Mine

Blues club in Lincoln Park.  No cover w/student ID = equals really fun party with college kids going crazy dancing to blues music.  And, of course, the music kicked ass.  These guys seemed to me to be the real deal.  Unfortunately the jam session portion had ended by the time I got there.




I had a great trip to Chicago.  Some of that may have been because it was my first visit, but I definitely plan on going back and exploring more.  SO MANY PARKS, and big ones too.  The whole city feels very open, and the people are friendly while still being straightforward and honest.

Until next time!

– Art

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