Jobs vs. Gigs

By , October 31, 2011 9:07 am

I remember the first time Birch Pereira told me about this scene. I had never seen Flight of the Conchords before, and this was the scene he described to me to convince me to watch the show; not because it was hilarious (it is), but because it really illustrates all the problems you have to deal with as a musician. It seems funny to me now to look at Flight of the Conchords as a deep and profound take on the plight of the modern-day musician, but this scene still sticks with me.

I’m getting closer to trying to play and teach music full time. Mid-January is when I’m aiming to make the jump, and I know it will be here more quickly than I expect. That’s probably why I’m taking on as much as I am now; I’m trying to get some momentum so that I can hit the ground running when the time comes. Will I still have to find other non-musical work to get by? Possibly, but as long as I have to time to write and play, I believe I’ll be happy, and hopefully I can make the necessary financial and lifestyle adjustments when the time comes.

It’s still months away, but I think about it all the time…

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